Speak from your heart and be heard

I invite you, my readers, to explore new worlds and exciting adventures, to examine your truth and the potential outcomes of expressing it so you may empower yourself to design the life you want to live.

The eight short stories in this collection are personal, inspired by situations I’ve experienced in my life, or recollections of clients’ situations. Characters in each story are tested as they are challenged by ordinary, everyday traumas in their lives:

After Rachel watches helplessly as her old friend’s daughter slips away, she discovers she’s able to speak from her heart, to be true to herself.

Ned finds healing when he tries to protect his new lover, even as, in doing so, he risks their relationship.

Deceived by her own false impressions, a teacher, Susan, escapes a vicious attack and finds compassion in her heart for more vulnerable women.

Accused of blasphemy by church conservatives, Dr. Abigail, an expert on sexuality, must stand for her beliefs and fight back.

The message for you, is one of hope. Even as the characters in each story are challenged by their traumas, they find ways to learn and change, and heal themselves.

Our intuition, the “little voice” inside, is our ally in the human journey, and we must honor and nurture it. There are risks in not speaking out that may be far greater than the risk of making our voices heard.

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